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Accepted works

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BDDBlast A Memory Efficient Architecture for Pairwise Alignments
Demian Oliveira, Alessandra Faria-Campos, Sergio Campos

Accuracy of RNA Structure Prediction Depends on the Pseudoknot Grammar
Carlos Daniel Andrade, Thomas Fontanari, Mariana Recamonde-Mendoza

Study on the complexity of omics data: an analysis for cancer survival prediction
Carlos Daniel Andrade, Thomas Fontanari, Mariana Recamonde-Mendoza

Identifying large scale conformational changes in proteins through distance maps and convolutional networks
Lucas Moraes dos Santos, Raquel de Melo-Minardi

Cluster analysis indicates genes involved in progesterone-induced oxidative stress in pancreatic beta cells: insights to understanding gestational diabetes
Lara Santos, Patricia Oliveira

An External Memory Approach for Large Genome De Novo Assembly
Elvismary Molina de Armas, Sergio Lifschitz

A non Exhaustive search of Exhaustiveness
Letícia Cecotti, Mauricio Balboni, Oscar Arrua, Karina dos Santos Machado, Adriano Werhli

Search for Zinc complexes with high affinity in Pyrazinamidase from Mycobacterium Tuberculosis resistant to Pyrazinamide
Jesus Alvarado-Huayhuaz, Daniel Alonso Talaverano Rojas, Reneé Isabel Huamán Quispe, Mauricio Balboni, Oscar Arrua, Adriano Werhli, Karina dos Santos Machado, Ana Cecilia Valderrama Negrón

Phylogeny trees as a tool to compare inference algorithms of orthologs genes
Rafael Oliveira, Saul Leite, Fernanda Almeida

A 1.375-Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Transpositions with Faster Running Time
Alexsandro Alexandrino, Klairton de Lima Brito, Andre Oliveira, Ulisses Dias, Zanoni Dias

Short papers

Cancer gene graphs on interactive scientific workflow
Diogo Vieira, Elvismary Molina de Armas, Cristovao Lanna, Mariana Boroni, Sergio Lifschitz, Alexandre Heine

Comparison of machine learning pipelines for gene expression matrices
Mateus Devino, Kele Belloze, Eduardo Bezerra

Evaluating Machine Learning Models for Essential Protein Identification
Jéssica Costa, Jorge Gabriel Rodrigues, Kele Belloze

Computational methodology for discovery of potential inhibitory peptides
Vivian Paixão, Raquel de Melo-Minardi

How bioinformatics can aid biodiversity description: the case of a probable new species of Orthonychiurus (Collembola, Hexapoda)
Maithe Magalhaes, Marilia Alves Figueira Melo, Gabriel Costa Queiroz, Aline dos Santos Moreira, Wim Degrave, Thiago Parente

Water pollution shifts the soil and fish gut microbiomes increasing the circulation of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment
Maithe Magalhaes, Marilia Alves Figueira Melo, Aline dos Santos Moreira, Wim Degrave, Thiago Parente

In silico analysis of the genomic potential for the production of specialized metabolites of ten strains of the Bacillales order isolated from the soil of the Federal District, Brazil
Felipe de Araújo Mesquita, Waldeyr Silva, Marlene Teixeira De-Souza

  • Posters

Developing a Predictor of aggregation region in proteins with machine learning and tertiary structure
Carlos Moreira, Eric Philot, Ana Scott

Comparative transcriptomics for identification of key genes among xylose fermenting yeasts through interaction networks and co-expression analysis
Alexandra Russolo Cardelli, Gonçalo Pereira, Lucas Miguel de Carvalho

Comparative genomic and co-occurrence network analysis of plant growth-promoting genes in the genus Paraburkholderia
Francisnei Pedrosa-Silva

Comparative genomics reveals novel species potential and niche segregation of Campylobacter
Sarah Henaut Jacobs

Impact of human contamination on the patterns of co-occurrence of a microbiome
Pedro Almeida, Henrique Fragoso, André Torres, Marcelo Gomes, Ernesto Caffarena

Mathematical Modelling for Microbial Community Induced Metabolic Diseases (MATOMIC)
Natasha Andressa Nogueira Jorge

Taxonomic characterization of the microbial community of photovoltaic panel using Metagenomics
Viviane Jotta, Carla Silva

Analysis of Metagenome-assembled genomes recovered from inocula and mature compost at the composting facility at the São Paulo Zoo Park
Suzana Sato Guima, Layla Martins, Aline Maria da Silva, João Setubal

Survey of Cannabis sativa L. RNA-Seq data available in public databases
Kevelin Xavier

Bioinformatics applied to function inference of gene subfamilies related to oil biosynthesis in legumes
Dayana Kelly de Moraes

Convergence, evolution and metabolism: enzymatic activities as Darwinian evolutionary units and genes encoding non-homologous isofunctional enzymes as Mendelian alleles
Fernanda Oliveira, Fernando Alvarez Valín, Antonio de Miranda, Marcos Catanho, Ana Carolina Guimaraes

Genetic variation at sites of Post-Translational Modification in the Polygenic Risk Model for Alzheimer’s disease -associated phenotypes
Samantha Lucciola Paço

Prediction of drug-target interactions for Brazilian herbal medicines and hallucinogens, by computational approaches
Ronald Martins, Marcelo Gomes, Ernesto Caffarena

Multi-omic approach for characterization of tentacle and mucus composition of sea anemone Bunodosoma caissarum
Maria Eduarda Mazzi Esquinca, Leandro Mantovani de Castro

In embryo and in silico positioning of a novel gene in sensory neurons gene regulatory network
Vitória Samartin Botezelli, Carolina Purcell Goes, Ana Elisa Ribeiro Orsi, Chao Yun Irene Yan

Comparative analysis and genomic diversity of the genus Azospirillum
Isabella Oliveira-Pinheiro, Francisnei Pedrosa-Silva

A multi-omic approach to identify RNAi targets for the control of Meloidogyne incognita in agriculture
Giovana de Oliveira

What can unmapped reads uncover about sugarcane during biotic stress
Joel Junior, Raquel Mirando, Marcelo Zerillo, Henrique Dias, Marie-Anne Sluys

PHEMALE-Bacteria: genome-based tool for prediction of bacteria phenotypes with machine learning
Bruno Koshin Iha

Contact profile optimization: a novel approach for rational design of inhibitory peptides against SARS-COV2
Ana Paula Abreu, Frederico Carvalho, Adriano de Paula Sabino, Raquel de Melo-Minardi

Genome assembly of Vellozia tubiflora and V. peripherica: A story about charting unknown genomes in the era of Big Data
Felipe Ciamponi, Mariana Feitosa Cavalheiro, Stephen Richards, Harris Lewin, Paulo Arruda, Ricardo Dante, Isabel Gerhardt

Identification and characterization of OSCA gene family in Vellozia intermedia and V. nivea
Mariana Feitosa Cavalheiro, Lucas Canesin, Diego Riaño-Pachón, Paulo Arruda, Ricardo Dante, Isabel Gerhardt

Cosmopolitism Analysis of Metagenome-Assembled Genomes from São Paulo Zoo environments
Robson Oliveira, Fábio Beltrame Sanchez, Layla Martins, Aline Maria da Silva, João Setubal

Bacterial 2`-Deoxyguanosine Riboswitch Classes as Potential Targets for Antibiotics: A Structure and Dynamics Study
Deborah Antunes dos Santos, Lucianna Santos, Ernesto Caffarena, Ana Carolina Guimaraes

Creating PERCI data repository of non-coding RNAs involved in colorectal cancer with search application of BERT
Jaqueline Coelho, Maria Emilia Walter, Maristela Holanda, Li Weigang, João Batista de Sousa, Lucas Maciel Vieira

  • Software Demo

Mini-Docking A simple script to fast execute the Virtual Screening Process
Lucas Rolim Medaglia, Tiago Oliveira, Eduardo Habib Maia, Alisson Silva, Alex Taranto

OLATCG: expanding the frontiers for the use of Bioinformatics
Luiz Miguel Viana Barbosa, Anna Mendes, Guilherme Matos, Kele Belloze