Call for software demonstration

You have now the opportunity to apply your developed software for a brief demonstration during the BSB2022. To do so, please make sure you meet all the requirements below:

  1. The software is open source or freely distributed;
  2. The download site or web platform is up and running.

If your answer is yes to all requirements above, you are eligible for this year’s Software Demonstration. To submit your proposal you will need to prepare:

  1. A description of the software functionality up to 500 words containing:
    1. Name of presenter(s) (up to two people);
    2. Link to the software original publication, web site or repository.
      *  use the template provided at Template_SoftwareDemo_BSB2022
  2. A device (laptop, tablet, phone, custom equipment…) to demonstrate the usage of your software during the software demonstration sessions.
  3. You can prepare a poster (optional) to increase the visibility of your work.

We will provide a space for the demonstration and power supply for your devices.

Please keep in mind that you will be in a social environment, so kindly build your presentation following common sense and awareness, avoiding offensive or unethical statements during your presentation and/or booth decoration.


Submission deadline: August 05th, 2022
Author notification: August 15th, 2022