Presentation instructions

Technical sessions

Duration of presentation:
 * Full papers: 15 minutes
 * Short papers: 8 minutes

Presentation language: English
Presenters may chose to speak in Portuguese or Spanish for their comfort.

Questions will be answered at the end of each session.

Poster session

Poster size: 90cm x 120cm in portrait format.
Poster Template

Software demonstration

You need to prepare a device (laptop, tablet, phone, custom equipment…) to demonstrate the usage of your software during the software demonstration sessions.
You can prepare a poster (optional) to increase the visibility of your work.
We will provide a space for the demonstration and power supply for your devices.
The presentation will be held at Coffee Break and poster room.

Keep in mind that you will be in a social environment so, please build your presentation following the good sense and common awareness avoiding offensive un-ethical statements during your presentation and/or booth ornament.