About BSB2021


The Brazilian Symposium on Bioinformatics (BSB) is an international conference that covers all aspects of Bioinformatics and Computational and Systems Biology. The initial editions of BSB, in 2002, were called WOB (Workshop on Bioinformatics) and were indexed by DBLP; since 2005, WOB was renamed BSB. BSB is organized by the special interest group in Computational Biology (CE-BioComp) of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC).

As in past years, BSB2021 will accept both full papers (for oral presentation) and short papers. Proceedings containing accepted full and short papers will be published as a volume in the Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics series, from Springer. (See here the previous edition).

BSB2021 would like to attract contributions from academic and industrial researchers, both in the exact sciences (computer science, mathematics, and statistics) and in the life sciences (molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, microbiology, and others).